Irish Junior Chess Championship 2021 - Results


Well done to all the players participated and prize winners !!!

U8 Open: Champion - Saiansh Biswal

1st Place - Saiansh Biswal

2nd Place - Riyansh Agarwal

3rd Place - Daniel Devine

U8 Girls: Champion - Shreya Yadagiri

1st Place - Shreya Yadagiri

2nd Place - Lorena Putar

3rd Place - Alexa Ferguson

U10 Open: Champion - Andrey Ivanov

1st Place - Andrey Ivanov

2nd Place - Yannick Woods

3rd Place - Zara Sviridova

U10 Girls: Champion - Zara Sviridova

1st Place - Zara Sviridova

2nd Place - Alivia Thomas

3rd Place - Bedhbh Doolin

U12 Open: Champion - Jason Liu

1st Place - Jason Liu

2nd Place - Rafael Ninan Renji

3rd Place - Conor Sheehan

U12 Girls: Champion - Anna Carroll

1st Place - Anna Carroll

2nd Place - Naisha Agarwal

3rd Place - Lola Doherty

U14 Open: Champion - Kavin Venkatesan

1st Place - Kavin Venkatesan

2nd Place - Patryk Brozynski

3rd Place - Daniil Kashanin

U14 Girls: Champion - Lara Putar

1st Place - Lara Putar

2nd Place - Diana Bueckert

3rd Place - Tanmayee Reddy

U16 Open: Champion - Adam Collins

1st Place - Adam Collins

2nd Place - Leon Putar

3rd Place - Gagik Avetisyan

U16 Girls: Champion - Jana Solomatina

1st Place - Jana Solomatina

2nd Place - Milena Mkrtichyan

U19 Open: Champion - Oisin O'Cuilleanain

1st Place - Oisin O'Cuilleanain

2nd Place - Sean J. Murphy

3rd Place - Cathal Keenan

U19 Girls: Champion - Dayna Ferguson

Well done to our guest player Vesga Izeta Markel for scoring 5.5/6 points in U16 section

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