Gonzaga Charity Classic 2023 - Challengers Report

John Loughran

Authors: John Loughran and Ursula McCague


Gonzaga Champs 1

FM Gordon Freeman takes on GM Ante Saric on board 1 in the final round.

Gonzaga Champs 1

The race is on for the minor placings in the library!


Desmond Beatty with with prizewinners in the Masters.


Gonzaga Champs 1

James Crowley tries to outwit Lukian Hushpit on board 1 in the final round.


John congratutulates the winner along with other prizewinners in the Championship.


General Information

All proceeds go to charity! At venue there is Free Parking. Tuck Shop sells confectionary and tea/coffee, not hot food, which is available locally.
Time control 75 min + 30s/move. Default time 1 hour. 94 players in Challengers section, for players rated < 1200 ICU.

Gonzaga Challengers Playing Hall

The playing hall in Gonzaga. John Loughran watches as David Gevorkyan does battle with Nikolai Dimitrov for first place in the Challengers. The Championship section is to the right with Gerry Graham seated at the controller's desk.

Pairings, Results, Standings

Linked from the event page. Includes flyer. Venue: Gonzaga College, Dublin.


Challengers Overall

1st: David Gevorkyan, 6/6, €250
=2nd: Pierre Rerot, 5/6, €50
=2nd: Nikolai Dimitrov, 5/6, €50
=2nd: Malo McDermott, 5/6, €50
=2nd: Vivann Verlekar, 5/6, €50
=2nd: Bradley Woolfenden, 5/6, €50
=2nd: Seamus Bradley, 5/6 (won GP below) (2nd and 3rd prizes were combined, increased a little, and divided by 5)

Grading Prizes

U900 (rated 700 - 899): Renji Rajan, 4½/6, €50
U700 (rated 0 - 699): Dylan Gormally Whittaker, 4½/6, €50
Unrated: Seamus Bradley, 5/6, €50
(All grading prizes decided on tiebreak)


John congratutulates the winner David Gevorkyan, Bradley Woolfenden, Seamus Bradley along with other prizewinners in the Challengers.

Round Times in Challengers

Fri R1: 19:30 Sat R2: 10:00 Sat R3: 14:30 Sat R4: 19:00 Sun R5: 10:00 Sun R6: 14:30
Prize giving soon after last round ends, around 18:00.


Organiser: Ursula McCague, Gonzaga Chess Club.
Tournament director, Chief arbiter (Masters): Ivan Baburin. Chief arbiter: John Loughran (Challengers).
Chief arbiter: Gerry Graham (Championship).

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