DCU Open 2023 Conditions

John Loughran

✦The DCU Open✦

A brand new FIDE and ICU rated classical tournament!

Information here is more up to date than the flyer, and has more detail regarding prizes.

Friday 24th-Sunday 26th March 2023

The Venue, the U Building, DCU Glasnevin Campus, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Dublin, D09 NRT0

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DCU Clubs & Societies

Prize fund

€840, subject to entry.
Provisional breakdown of prizes is detailed below.

Time control

Open section: 90 mins + 30 sec/move
U1400 section: 60 mins + 30 sec/move

Round Times

Fri 24th March
Announcements: 6:45 pm
R1: 7:00pm (Open and U1400)

Sat 25th March
R2: 10:00am (Open and U1400)
R3: 2:00pm (U1400), 3.00pm (Open)

Sun 26th March
R4: 10.00am (Open and U1400)
R5: 2:00pm (U1400), 3.00pm (Open)
Prize giving about 20 mins after the last game finishes, around 7.15pm

Please note that the U1400s start an hour earlier each afternoon, and players in the Open will have a silent start so as not to disturb them.

Default time is 30 mins.

Playing Sections

The DCU Open - Open to all ICU members.
The U1400 - Open to any ICU member with a rating below 1400.
Both sections will be FIDE and ICU rated.

Live Boards

Top boards in both sections transmitted live, linked from the event page.

Entry fees

€15 for students and U18s, before 23rd March
€35 for all other entries, before 23rd March
Free entry for titled players (GM, WGM, WIM, IM, FM) who contact the organizer as below, before 12th March, full fee after that. €15 late entry surcharge for entries on 23rd March or later, if accepted.


All entries on the ICU event page. You must be registered with the ICU.


Pairings for round 1 will be published on the event page before 6pm on the 23rd March. Late entries will be paired with each other or with anyone who gets an unrequested bye.


Organiser: Henry Williams, 087 9392297 by text or Whatsapp

@dcu_chess on Instagram
Chief Arbiter: John Loughran

Provisional Breakdown of Prize money

Current prizes are listed below based on the current prizefund of €800+, subject to entry. There will be grading prizes (GP) in both sections, for the player within each of the following rating bands with the best scores, who do not win another prize, decided on tiebreak if necessary. Prizemoney for first, second and third places will be shared equally between those on equal points, regardless of tiebreaks.

Open € 520 Section total

1st € 240
2nd € 120
3rd € 60

GP U1500 FIDE € 50
GP U1100 € 50

U1400 € 320 Section total

1st € 130
2nd € 70
3rd € 40

GP U800 € 40
GP Unrated € 40

Playing Conditions

The games will take place in The Venue, inside the U building at DCU’s Glasnevin campus which has hosted everything from concerts to boxing to mechanical rodeo. There will be name cards and live boards in both sections, which will be broadcast to a main screen.

Within the same building is a Londis and our very own Nubar for any snacks, meals or refreshments.



Overall we hope to provide a pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy your chess. Players will be asked to contribute to this. Speak to the arbiter if in doubt.

While quiet is expected in the playing hall, players will be allowed to spectate quietly after they finish playing.

FIDE rules apply but we would like to explain some of them here. If you need something explained or feel your opponent may be breaking a rule please do not hesitate to stop your clock and raise your hand to call an arbiter.

Electronic devices are not permitted in the playing hall, corridor, toilets or outdoor smoking area. An exception is if they are left near the controller's desk, switched off, not on silent. Players (after their game) and parents may use them only outside the playing area. Electronic devices include anything that may make a noise or vibrate including watches, alarms.

The organisers have the right to refuse any entry without giving a reason.


A player may receive up to two half point byes, except in the last round, provided a request is made before pairings are done. Players should ensure that a bye request was written down and may check that one has been registered on chess-results by choosing the "unpaired" link after the latest round.

A player who receives a 1 point bye due to an odd number should still turn up as they may be offered a game against a late entrant or another player whose opponent failed to show within 30 mins. They may refuse, but if they wish to play they should turn up as they are likely to be offered a game. These games will count and will be rated unless agreed otherwise.

Before games

Before each game, be seated early to hear any important announcements.

During games

With a 30 second increment players are required to record their moves to the end of their game, and keep their scoresheet up to date.

After games

At the end of your game please reset the pieces and place the two kings in the centre of the board. If white won, place both on white squares. If black one place both on black squares. If the game was drawn, place them on e4 and e5. On electronic boards place the kings in the centre immediately, before moving other pieces, so that the result is registered. Do not analyse at the board, but in the analysis areas, where sets are provided. Please set these sets up after use.

In every case please write the result on the pairings sheet on the wall or noticeboard. If your opponent fails to show 30 mins after the round starts, call the arbiter to claim a win by default (a walkover), then mark in + - or - + on the pairings sheet rather than 1-0 or 0-1.



DCU Rooms Glasnevin 01 7005736
Bonnington Dublin 01 8373544
Skylon Hotel 01 8843900
Crowne Plaza Hotel 01 8628888
And many others that are serviced by bus.


Almanii B&B – 01 8574902
Annandale House B&B – 01 8040822
And many others that are serviced by bus.

Other suggestions:

Airbnb, Booking.com, Trivago...

Travel times for Commuters

From Dublin City Centre 20 min by car, 25 min by bus. DCU is serviced by the 4, 9, 155 and 11 bus routes.


The organisers would like to express their gratitude for help and support from Warren Kiernan, Siobhán Byrne, Bláthnaid Henry, Desmond Beatty, Ivan Baburin, John McMorrow, Craig du Bose.


Chief Organiser: Henry Williams, DCU Chess and Checkers Society Organising Commmitee including Jude Daly, Boris Yu, Conor Gunn, Ronan Barrett.
Chief Arbiter: John Loughran, assisted by Henry Williams.

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