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Benjamin Murray

Hi all,

As you may already be aware, the site was closed for a short period on Wednesday the 6th of September. This was done to facilitate moving the website to a new server.

The website had been using older versions of its technology and was in dire need of an upgrade. This became especially clear in relation to the payments section of the site.

The website uses Stripe for the payments checkout page. However, the older version of Stripe that was being used did not support 3D secure. This is when the bank requires a second step to authenticate your details, commonly through an SMS message.

This was a problem, as some people were unable to pay through the website for their subscriptions or tournament entries, and were forced to pay via other means.

In upgrading the site, I have also upgraded to the latest Stripe version and this will support additional authentication if the bank requires it.

I look forward to adding new features to the website and maintaining it.

Thank you to David Murray for initially helping me in setting up the application on my machine, to Dave O'Connell for helping getting it over the line in the end, to Hans Henning for helping test the payments and to Desmond Beatty for giving me the opportunity to work on the site and for his continued support.

Benjamin Murray

Created 2023-09-09 ◦ Last updated 2023-09-10 ◦ Editor BM

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