Playing for Ireland - an overview for Juniors and their Parents

Desmond Beatty

So you (your child) is now playing classic chess, working hard at improving and rising up the rankings. This may lead to an opportunity to play for Ireland.

Junior Internationals Tournaments

There are a number of opportunities for juniors to represent Ireland in any calendar year in either team or individual events that may or may not require selection and/or entry by the national federation – in Ireland’s case, the ICU.

Most of the major events of this type are published in the ICU Calendar of type “Junior International” though some (parents of) players look wider to the FIDE, ECU and other calendars for other such events that, again, may or may not require selection and/or entry by the ICU.

Your (child's) playing strength

Before considering entering for international events, please take care to consider your (child's) playing strength and the strength of the event. The strength of an event can be assessed by looking at the entry and results from prior years.

While one may reasonably seek stronger opponents, it is important to calculate your expected score and set expectations accordingly. The junior selection committee and the ICU reserve the right not to select a player for an event on the grounds of playing strength.

Tournament details and costs

Further, before entering players (and parents) must familiarise themselves with the regulations (sometimes called invitations) specific to any tournament they wish to enter. These detail all the rules, logistics, schedules, costs, visa requirements, etc for the event. These should be read in conjunction with any general regulations of the awarding authority (typically FIDE or the ECU).

Unless explicitly stated otherwise for any specific event, all costs, entries, fees, etc. are with the player.

Note that, in addition to places subject to selection, some events have "additional player" places that are NOT subject to selection but require the ICU to make (or support) an entry. Application for "additional player" places must be made separately from any applications or expressions of interest in places subject to selection.

Playing for Ireland abroad - accompanying adults / supervision

As well as the ICU Child Protection Policy, please see Junior chess players- Accompanying Adults

Guidelines for Parents re international events

Guidelines for Parents for coordinating Junior International delegations

Guidelines for Parents at Junior International Tournaments

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