[Provisional] The Irish New Year Norm Events 2022

Location TBD
Start date 2022-01-02
End date 2022-01-06
Sections GM Norm, IM Norm, Waiting List
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Category Irish

Two 9-round norm events played over 5 days. For all other details, please see the above flyer.

GM norm games:

IM norm games:

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GM Norm 7 entries

2529 GM Paul Motwani

2439 IM Sam E. Collins

2347 IM David Fitzsimons

2318 FM Tom O'Gorman

2311 FM Conor O'Donnell

2307 IM Mark Quinn

2301 FM Tarun Kanyamarala

IM Norm 6 entries

2348 IM Stephen R. Burns-Mannion

2280 FM Stephen Brady

2273 FM Killian Delaney

2158 WIM Trisha Kanyamarala

2115 Peter Carroll

2057 Kavin Venkatesan

Waiting List 0 entries

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