Configure a New Simple Fee

Fee Types

The fees on sale in the shop are currently divided into 3 types: Subscriptions, Tournaments Entries and Other. In the future it's likely that additional types will be created but only at the cost of significant programming effort by the webmaster. With this in mind, the third category, the Other type, has been designed such that subtypes can be quickly configured (rather than programmed) by the treasurer (rather than the webmaster). The result may not be as slick or be as feature rich but, for an organisation with limited technical resources, it's useful to be able to create and deploy a new fee with the minimum of effort and delay. However, it's easy to imagine fees that would be too complicated to handle this way and would need a new type to be implemented.

Other Subtypes

Subtypes of the Other category are distinguished by two things:

Some examples should make this clear. A Donation consists of:

A Foreign Rating Fee consists of:

User Inputs

There is a repertoire of different user inputs that can be applied to fees. Below is a list of what's available at the time of writing, there may be more in the future. Note that it's a lot easier for the webmaster to create a new type of user input than it is to create a new type of fee.


Following is an example of how the treasurer can configure a new fee. The example fee is for parents of children playing in the 2014 U16 Olympiad to pay their accommodation and meals. The amount is not fixed, it depends on choices made by the parents. If this were a new fee type, programmed by the webmaster, the shop would:

However, that would be a lot of programming effort for a one-off fee. The low-tech alternative is for the treasurer to configure a new Other type fee with user inputs for parents to describe what they want and enter the total amount by themselves. This requires them to be sent a price list in advance, before they pay their fee in the shop.

Here are the steps the treasurer would follow to set up this fee.

First, setup the basic fee with an amount (required to begin with, but will be changed later when user inputs are added):

Next, set up the first of the two user inputs, starting with the amount:

Next, set up the second user input, a text box to describe the accommodation and meals required:

Next, make the fee active (so it appears in the shop) and check to see if it has been setup correctly:

If you need to make any changes, deactivate the fee (to remove it from the shop), make the changes, reactivate it and give it another test.

Lastly, email instructions to parents of how to pay the fee (i.e. enter a description and amount) and what the prices of rooms and meals are.

Later, after some of these fees have been paid for, you can search for them as follows:

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