Upload Images

Once an image is uploaded, it's available to include in articles and news items (via the IMG or IML shortcuts) and discoverable by users browsing through the ICU's collection of photographs. Before uploading an image, it should first be prepared.

Prepare the Image File for Upload

For this you need an image editing tool (e.g. photoshop) with at least cropping and resizing functions. Auto fixing and red eye removal are also nice-to-have functions but not essential. If you don't have a suitable application on your device, try the free Pixlr online tool. Then:

Upload the File

For this your login account must have been assigned one of the roles (e.g. editor) that are authorised to manage images. You also need:

Then to upload the image:

If you need the image for an article or news item then note it's ID for use with one of the image shortcuts (IMG or IML). If, for example, www.icu.ie/images/12345 is showing in the browser's address bar then the image ID is 12345.

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