Manage Officers and Mail Relays

What does this Involve?

There are two main tasks:

  1. linking each officer to the member who currently holds that position so that the correct name and phone numbers are displayed on the contacts page,
  2. keeping the forwarding addresses of the ICU's mail relays in sync with the personal emails of the current office holders.

The former is managed on this website while relays are managed partly on this website and partly on the website of our email service provider, Mailgun.

Each relay has a ICU address (ending in and one or more forwarding addresses (personal emails).

There are 3 relevant database tables: officers, players, and relays.

If an officer is linked to:

If an officer is linked to:

Who can Manage Officers and Relays?

At the moment only the webmaster can do this, so to complete any of the tasks below the webmaster must first login to this or the service provider's website.

How to Change an Incumbent Officer

This is a type of task which will often need to be done when a new executive is voted in. To link an officer with a new member:

To update the email relay:

Alternatively, the changes can be made via the service provider and synced back to the ICU database:

When an Role is Unfilled

It sometimes happens that a position is unfilled. In this case we want:

To achieve this, follow the instructions above for changing an incumbent but with the following modifications:

Creating, Deleting and Updating Officers

Officers change so rarely that there is no website function to create new positions or delete positions no longer required (a small amount of programming effort would be required to achieve either of these). However, officers can be edited in the following ways:

Creating, Deleting and Updating Relays

Relays can only be created or destroyed via Mailgun. Relay forwarding addresses can be edited on Mailgun or, for convenience and because it's so common, on this website as well (see above).

One aspect of relays which is managed exclusively on this website is which officer (if any) each links to. It's fairly rare that one would need to change the links between officers and relays because, for the most part, one relay has been created for each officer and the links will already have been established. The FIDE & ECU Delegate example below describes a scenario where some relinking of officers and relays would be required.

Disabling Relays

In normal circumstances all relays should be enabled. However, in exceptional circumstances, such as the provider's service being down or a problem with our account, then some or all relays can be disabled.

There are two consequences of a relay being disabled:

As mentioned in the Privacy Policy, this is the only circumstance where persoanl emails would be publically available on the site.

In order to:

Not all Relays will be Linked to an Officer

There are more relays than officers and in most cases each officer has only one relay which means there must be some relays not linked to any officer. This is normal and there are good reasons why some ICU addresses should not appear on the contacts page. For example, some, which forward to the webmaster's personal address, are for emails registered with our internet providers (for hosting, domains or payment services) and which members don't need to be informed of. Others, forwarding to the secretary, are for officers that no longer exist (e.g. ICJ editor, IUCA delegate).

Adjusting the Phone Numbers Displayed for an Officer

By default, the contacts page lists all the telephone numbers of each officer, but some officers may not want this.

Configuring which numbers are displayed and which remain hidden is something each officer can manage for themselves, it doesn't require the webmaster. See Privacy Policy.

Extended Example: FIDE & ECU Delegate

This officer is a special case for two reasons:

  1. there are two corresponding relays ([email protected] and [email protected]) instead of the usual one,
  2. it's theoretically possible that the position could be split in two (FIDE Delegate and ECU Delegate) sometime in the future.

At the time this documentation was written:

If the position were to be split between two different players (A and B) here is how that could be managed:

  1. make the FIDE Delegate and ECU Delegate roles active and link them to players A and B respectively,
  2. edit the [email protected] relay, link it to the FIDE Delegate officer (instead of FIDE & ECU Delegate) and forward it to A's personal address,
  3. edit the [email protected] relay and link it to the ECU Delegate officer (instead of FIDE & ECU Delegate) and forward it to B's personal address,
  4. make the FIDE & ECU Delegate officer inactive and unlink it from the former incumbent.
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