Process Offline Payments

Members are encouraged to pay online with their credit or debit cards as this automates the process of recording their purchases in the ICU database, is quick and reliable for them and involves no work for ICU volunteers. However, there are still a small number of diehards who like to pay the old fashioned way of sending a cheque or cash to the treasurer or membership officer. If you are that officer, this page describes how to process such payments. The main steps are as follows:

  1. Check the Purchases: Check that the payer has described their intended purchases accurately and included all the required information. Refer to the instructions to payers about what information to include for offline subscriptions. If the payer's request is unclear or missing information, contact them and try to resolve the problem.
  2. Check the Amount: Check that the amount sent corresponds with the total cost of the purchase items. If not, contact the payer and try to resolve.
  3. Fill a Cart with the Purchases: Login to the website (having already requested the webmaster to authorize your account to manage purchases), go to the Shop and fill up a cart with the items requested by the payer. In other words, do what the payer would have done if they had chosen to pay online but skip the actual payment step.
  4. Mark the Cart as Already Paid: When the cart is complete with all the requested items and its total cost matches the amount sent, then instead of paying for it with a credit card like an online payer would have done, click the Payment Received button (only available to accounts, like yours, that can manage payments) which indicates to the system that the cart (and all it's items) should be marked as paid because the payment is already in your (and therefore the ICU's) possession.
  5. Reply to the Payer: In the case of subscriptions you need to send some information back to the payer, namely the ICU IDs and season tickets for each subscriber. The system will show the confirmation email that would have been sent to the payer if they had paid online and you can include that in your reply.
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