Upload PGN Games

When a PGN file is uploaded its games are added to the ICU's collection and become available for users to search for, play over and download.

Before uploading, please make sure the data is consistent (e.g. if all the games are from the same tournament, ensure the event name is spelt consistently in each game) and complete (e.g. round numbers, ECO codes, dates). This will help make game searches more effective.

Import the Games from a PGN File

Assuming your login account has been assigned one of the roles (e.g. editor) that are authorised to manage games, then follow these steps:

Some or all of the games will then be imported and some details displayed. Note that:

Test a File before Importing any Games

To test a file (to see if it contains duplicates or syntax errors) without importing any games, follow the above procedure but don't click the Import checkbox.

Having obtained the required information, the test record can be safely deleted (see below) as no games will have been imported.

Edit or Delete Previous Imports

Having uploaded some PGN and created a record with details of the file and imported games you can:

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