Change your Club or Contact Details

Profile Data

The ICU stores information about chess players. The data on each player is called a profile. Some profile data (such as name and club) is publicly available on our websites while other data (such as date of birth and contact details) is only for users with privileged access (see Privacy Policy for details). Some profile data can be updated by players themselves if they have a login account.

For various reasons, we can't allow players to directly control their entire profile. For example, we would need to be contacted about corrections to date of birth, gender or federation as such changes would have to be passed on to FIDE. Another example would be that the temptation to award themselves the GM title might be too much for some!

What Parts of my Profile can I Update Myself?

You can update the following data yourself:

How do I Update my Profile?

First, you need a login account (see Login Accounts for the ICU Websites for details). Then:

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