Officer Roles

This is an unofficial guide to the responsibilities and duties of the various ICU officers. You should read this if you're thinking of volunteering for ome of the executive positions or if you already have and are just starting. If you're already an experienced officer, please consider suggesting improvements to this advice if it's become out-of-date.

General Responsibilities

Last updated: September 2010.

The following applies to Executive members of the Committee only.

Arbitration Officer (non-executive)

Last updated: August 1997.


Last updated: August 1997.

Delegates of Affiliated Bodies

Last updated: August 1997.

Affiliated bodies such as Connaught, Leinster, Munster and Ulster Chess Unions and the Irish Universities Chess Association.

Development Officer

Last updated: August 1997.

FIDE Delegate

Last updated: September 2008.

ICJ Editor (defunct)

Last updated: June 2014.

The following applies when an editor is active, which currently (2014) has not been the case for some years.

Estimated workload: approximately 60 hours of free time twice a year, usually around January/February and July/August.

Junior Officer

Last updated: August 1997.

Membership Officer

Last updated: November 2013.

Ratings Officer

Last updated: July 2013.

President (non-executive)

Last updated: August 2007.

This is a special non-executive role which is filled if a suitable candidate (an experienced person with a thorough knowledge of Irish chess affairs) is available.

Public Relations Officer

Last updated: August 1997.


Last updated: August 2007.

Estimated workload: approximately 5 hours per week plus time for attending ICU meetings.

Tournament Director

Last updated: August 2007.


Last updated: August 2007.

Vice Chairperson

Last updated: August 1997.

Webmaster (non-executive)

Last updated: August 2014.

Womens Officer

Last updated: August 2007.

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