International Selection Committee and Junior Selection Committee

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AGM 2017 on Sunday 24th September 2017

  1. The Irish Chess Union is required under its Constitution to fulfil Ireland's international chess obligations. The task of selecting individuals and teams to represent their country is delegated to special sub-committees known as the International Selection Committee (ISC) and the Junior Selection Committee (JSC).

  2. The ISC consists of no more than six individuals who should be appointed by the Executive Committee at its second meeting after the AGM in even-numbered years. The term of office of the ISC is two years: from 1 January in odd-numbered years to 31 December in even-numbered years. The Junior Officer shall nominate JSC candidates for appointment by the Executive Committee.

  3. The ISC selects individuals and teams for senior events commencing between 1 January of its first year and 31 December of its second year while the JSC selects individuals and teams for junior events commencing between 1 January of its first year and 31 December of its second year. Permission to select for events commencing after the latter date must be sought from the Executive Committee.

  4. Any vacancies arising in the ISC or JSC may be filled by the Executive Committee, or allowed to continue as they see fit.

  5. The chairperson of the ISC is appointed by the Executive Committee while the chairperson of the JSC is appointed by the ICU Junior Officer.

  6. The ISC and JSC should each appoint one of its members to act as secretary; he/she may also be the chairperson. The secretary's duties include: a. Maintaining contact information on top players. b. Receiving tournament notifications from the ICU secretary. c. Entering into such correspondence with players and organising federations as is required. d. Informing players of their selection in writing and confirming their availability. e. Informing the ICU secretary of selections and availability in writing.

  7. The Executive Committee retains the right of veto over decisions made by the ISC with regard to (a) selection of individuals for individual events, and (b) selection of teams for team events. In the latter case the team is treated as a unit, and can only be accepted or rejected en bloc. Players should be informed that their selection is subject to Executive Committee approval.

  8. Eligibility for selection: all individuals considered for selection should be registered ICU members. The chairperson should obtain an updated list of members from the Membership Officer in advance of each meeting. Where the meeting takes place within three months of the commencement of a new membership year, membership in the preceding year may be accepted as sufficient.

  9. The detailed rules governing eligibility are set out here for senior events and here for junior events.

  10. Any queries relating to eligibility of players should be referred to the Executive Committee (or in cases of urgency the Chairperson) together with any relevant documentation.

  11. The ISC and JSC should meet as often as is necessary to transact its business. Online meetings are permitted and encouraged provided this is acceptable to all members of that particular sub-committee. A written report on each meeting, detailing the conclusions of the committee but not the reasons for them, should be submitted to the ICU secretary. The quorum for each meeting is three. Travel expense claims should be submitted to the ICU treasurer.

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