Upload Files for Later Download

What are Downloads?

If you, as an editor, have a nicely formatted document in Word or PDF format and you want to make it available on the website then rather than going to the trouble of converting it to Markdown or HTML for an article you should just upload a copy for later download. Users can then access it by clicking on a link that you provide in a news item or article using a shortcut link. Alternatively, users can search for your file based on a description that you provide.

Other types of files can also be uploaded and made available to users in the same way, including spread sheets, plain text and audio.

Optionally, you can limit access to a download to members or editors only.

Image files are handled seperately. You can upload individual PGN files for later download but normally PGN games featuring Irish players are imported into the database.

How to Create a Download

Follow these steps:

The download ID can be obtained from the address bar of your browser. For example, if the URL ends like this: /admin/downloads/123 then the ID number is 123.

How to Link to a Download File

Use the DLD shortcut in an article or news item.

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